The Systemic Team Coaching® Diploma Program empowers you to coach teams and leaders in developing the collective leadership required to tackle today’s multifaceted challenges. This ICF-accredited program produces highly qualified Systemic Team Coaches, enabling you to make a significant impact in our complex world. Join our global community of over 200 strong, consisting of experienced coaches, OD consultants, HR professionals, and leaders seeking to enhance their team coaching skills. Our expert faculty, with extensive experience in leadership, systemic coaching, organizational consulting, and more, have crafted an experiential program that applies Systemic Team Coaching® for the betterment of teams, organizations, and society

What you will learn in this program:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the theory and methodology of Systemic Team Coaching®.
  • Develop the skills needed to partner with client systems as a confident, impactful, and agile Systemic Team Coach.
  • Deepen your personal understanding of yourself in your roles as a team coach, team leader, and team member.
  • Clarify how to further enhance your expertise and impact in this rapidly growing field of coaching.
  • Create and refine your unique approach to Systemic Team Coaching® and develop materials to market your services.
  • Obtain a license to deliver the Team Connect 360 - our unique online team diagnositc.
  • Co-create a learning community and network to support your practice.

What the graduates say about this program:


Entry to the program is available through the completion of the 3-day Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate or the Global Team Coaching Institute Practitioner Program. These prerequisites serve as an introduction to the fundamental principles and methodologies of our Systemic Team Coaching® approach, employing Peter Hawkin’s Five Disciplines of Systemic Team Coaching®.

The Systemic Team Coaching Diploma® Program is open for enrollment following participation in either the Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate or the Global Team Coaching Institute Practitioner Program. It encompasses a blend of face-to-face and online learning, spanning 11 days over a 12-month duration. As a participant, you will be responsible for identifying your own team coaching client, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge to an actual team during the course of this program.

The diploma program consists of the following components

  • Two 3-day experiential modules held at a North American venue.
  • Seven virtual webinars/live demonstrations.
  • A 2-day learning summit where you will present your progress in systemic thinking, being, and doing, receiving both constructive critique and support to advance your development.
  • Four tutorials with Faculty to tailor your personal learning and foster the development of your distinctive and individualized systemic team coaching approach, guiding you toward graduation.
  • Monthly supervision and learning groups designed to bolster your personal systemic team coaching client engagements.
  • Submission of two papers: one focusing on your team coaching case study, and the other outlining your signature approach, along with a brief statement elucidating your post-program marketing strategy as a systemic team coach.







Group Size: Maximum 24 participants.

Qualification and standards: Master Practitioner Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching®.

Participant Criteria:

Diploma entrants will have successfully completed the Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate, or the Global Team Coaching Institute Practitioner Program.

You will also be:

  • An experienced individual coach with at least 4 years’ practice having completed a training equivalent to PCC (ICF) Practitioner Level (EMCC).


  • A consultant with a 10-year career in organizational development or as an HR business partner with extensive coaching experience. You should be able to explain your theoretical framework for coaching individuals and be able to evidence your coaching competency at the Practitioner level.


  • A senior / executive manager with at least 10 years personal experience of team leadership and people development. You should be able to explain your approach and/or theoretical framework for people development and be capable of evidencing competency in facilitating groups.

ICF Accreditation: The Systemic Team Coaching® Diploma Program provides 121 ACSTH that can be used towards PCC credential with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

The Systemic Team Coaching® Diploma Program will build on your substantial existing knowledge and experience of developing people. Through the program you will gain more confidence and experience in working resourcefully with systemic complexity, as you engage with different types and levels of teams in various contexts and environments.