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Pam McLean, Ph.D., CEO Hudson Institute of Coaching, USA

Systemic Team Coaching Diploma Dates

Renewal Associates works in partnership with AoEC, to provide training in Systemic Team Coaching in the UK and World-Wide.

The Systemic Team Coaching Master Practitioner Diploma (STC MPD) has been developed through a partnership between the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) and Renewal Associates to provide training in the UK and World-Wide.

The overall responsibility for the Diploma lies with the AoEC.  AoEC's Systemic Team Coaching Diploma –

The Master Practitioner Diploma is a stand–alone programme of development for experienced executive coaches and consultants who wish to strengthen and deepen their team coaching practice.

A year long programme split into 5 modules.  Module 1 being the STC Certificate Programme, which must be completed before entry onto the Diploma Programme.

On successful completion of this programme, you will be awarded the Systemic Team Coaching Master Practitioner Diploma.


You will have completed the Systemic Team Coaching© Certificate Program prior to commencing the Diploma.  Here for more details on the Certificate Program