“A really solid, well-designed programme which went through self-discovery and more teaching around the principles and application of the Hawkins’ Five Disciplines. The pace was good throughout and there was plenty of opportunity to practice and reflect.”
This highly experiential program is designed for individual coaches, organizational consultants, experienced leaders and internal HR practitioners seeking to develop a team coaching practice using a systemic approach. Now more than ever, organizations are looking at how to motivate and manage their teams in a period of change and uncertainty.
This program has been run successfully for many leading global organizations in Los Angeles, Vancouver Island, Montreal, Tokyo, Beijing and in over 30 other countries.
Those completing the program will be awarded the Academy of Executive Coaching Certificate (AoEC) in Systemic Team Coaching® which carries 19 ICF CPD credits (3 Resource Development & 16 Core Competency).
This program is being co-sponsored and organized by Renewal Associates and the Academy of Executive Coaching.
The Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate doubles as the foundation/first module for the
year long Diploma program. The Diploma program is run in North America, London, Beijing and South Africa.
The emphasis in the Certificate is on covering the theoretical basics of Systemic Team Coaching® and applying these to a practical case study simulation and the teams you already work with.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the theory and practice of Systemic Team Coaching©
  • Learn about why team coaching is becoming more and more important and the research on high performing teams
  • Adopt a working definition of Teams and Team Coaching that you can test and utilise
  • Learn the Hawkins 5 Disciplines Model of team coaching:
    1) Commissioning, 2) Clarifying, 3) Co-Creating, 4) Communicating, 5) Core learning
  • Understand how the 5 Disciplines Model can be applied to Systemic Team Coaching®
  • Learn the basics of thinking, doing and being a Systemic Coach
  • Learn and apply different coaching interventions for each of the five disciplines
  • Learn the SIDER model of managing a coaching relationship, including how do you contract with the whole team
  • Learn how to apply and be accredited to use the Team Connect 360 diagnostic instrument for use with clients in step 2 of the STC process
  • Focus on Self as Instrument – utilising physical senses, rational, intuition and body-sense as the ‘data collector’ and sense maker
  • Work in teams to coach a simulated team situation

Structure of the program

Prior to the workshop you will be required to engage in a 2hr of pre-course work that will comprise of videos and reading around what is a team, what is Systemic Team Coaching© and background to the Team Coaching simulation. This will give you a sound basis for undertaking a systemic team coaching© assignment. The facilitators will build on this during the program to:

  • Provide rich didactic context in which we discuss and debate different aspects of systemic team work and team coaching
  • Use a business simulation to evoke both coaching a team, being coached and applying the diagnostic TC 360 Report
  • Take you through an experience of sculpting and interpersonal exercises to understand team relationships
  • Guide you in a peer supervision group to apply the model and methods of the Hawkins 5 Disciplines to a team you are working in/with
  • Work with our own large group process as a way of engaging live with the interpersonal dynamics and psychological models
Team Connect 360 (TC360) Diagnostic instrument
AoEC in partnership with Peter Hawkins have taken his 20 years of extensive research and development in high performing teams and created an online team diagnostic instrument Team Connect 360 (TC360) based on his 5 Disciplines model.
On the program you will experience the instrument and learn how it can be used.  On successfully completing the program you will become a licenced user and so have the option of using the instrument with your professional clients.

Systemic Team Coaching© Certificate Program
North America

Virtual Program

Facilitated by:
Dr. Catherine Carr, Dr. Hilary Lines and Jonathan Sibley

Dr Catherine Carr
Dr Catherine Carr is a Professional Certified Coach, Master Corporate Executive Coach, Supervisor, Certified Master Team Coach, and Registered Clinical Counsellor with Carr Kline & Associates. She has a doctorate in executive coaching and leadership development and a Masters degree in counselling psychology. In 2012 Catherine won the Goulding Award for the most outstanding professional doctorate for her work on team coaching. She is the co-author of 50 Tips for Terrific Teams! and High Performance Team Coaching, several peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and magazine articles on team coaching.
Catherine trains and supervises coaches in Systemic Team Coaching. She is the Head of the Practitioner Program for the Global Team Coaching Institute and the North American lead for the international group, Resilience at Work. Catherine has expertise in public sector coaching, health, pharmaceutical, finance, IT, and environmental organizations. She is grateful to do work that supports people to be well, live well and to meaningfully contribute around them and to our world.
Dr Hilary Lines
Dr Hilary Lines, Executive and Team Coach, Supervisor, Touchpoint Leaders, coaches leadership teams in the UK and internationally, and has particular experience in helping senior teams lead transformational change and integrate cultures post-merger. She has co-authored Touchpoint Leadership: Creating collaborative energy across teams and organizations (Kogan Page, 2013), which describes her work and philosophy of leadership as relationship.
Hilary has been Lead Faculty in the design and delivery of the Systemic Team Coaching© Diploma for the past 11 years.
Hilary was Global Head of Partner & Leadership Development at PwC Consulting and coach to the VP and Board of IBM’s EMEA Business Consulting Business before establishing her own Leadership Consulting and Coaching business.
Her doctoral research examined the organizational factors that create bridges and blocks to the integration and development of R&D scientists in industry. She is a Master Practitioner Coach with AoEC and ICF PCC accredited coach.
Jonathan Sibley
Jonathan is an experienced coach who has been supporting organizational leaders since 2004. With his extensive background in systemic team coaching, he has been a valuable member of Renewal Associates' coaching faculty since 2001. While based in New York City, Jonathan has gained international exposure, having
lived in various countries and worked fluently in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and English. Holding an MBA from INSEAD in France, he possesses a strong academic foundation.
Jonathan's expertise lies in applying a systemic lens to help teams navigate the complexities of organizational and team dynamics, enhancing individual and collective performance. His focus includes assisting clients in evaluating their performance against stakeholder expectations, improving relationships, managing conflicts (both intercultural and within the same culture), and addressing blind spots and obstacles, including emotional management.
Certified as a coaching supervisor and having completed the Advanced Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching, Jonathan also holds certifications in various assessment tools and methodologies. His coaching experience spans diverse industries, including finance, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, luxury, and non-profit sectors. Presently, he leads a coaching initiative within a US government agency, overseeing 48 coaches and 24
As a board member of Coaching for Justice, Jonathan actively promotes the integration of a social justice lens in coaching engagements. Additionally, he continues to cultivate his linguistic skills and enjoys traveling whenever possible.

Program Outline

Day One: 
• Program Introduction
• The Five Disciplines of Systemic Team Coaching®
• Systemic Contracting
• Introducing the Team Coaching simulation
• The STC process and Inquiry – The Team Connect 360
• Learning Review

Day Two : 
• Defining the Team’s Development Agenda
Discipline One: Exploring the Team’s Commission: Simulation and practice
Discipline Two: Clarifying: Simulation and demonstration, and practice
• Learning Review

Day Three : 
Discipline Three: Co-creating: Demonstration of sculpting and practice
• Coaching the team live: Introduction
• Simulation and application of time-outs
• Working with the unspoken: Demonstration
• Learning Review

Day Four :
Discipline Four: Connecting: Simulation and practice
Discipline Five: Core Learning
• Program learning, application and review
• Bringing the learning together in supervision of live STC cases (1)
Day Five :
(post program supervision and application review)

• Bringing the learning together in supervision of live STC cases (2)

“I would strongly recommend this high-quality, intensive programme.
The focus on the ‘systemic’ part of systemic team coaching was the real revelation
and across three days we covered a lot of ground.”

About Team Coaching

Unlike one-off workshops and team-building away-days, team coaching enables teams to identify and resolve their challenges over a programme lasting several months – resulting in deeper learning and more sustainable change. It usually involves coaching the team together as well as one-to-one coaching for individuals.
Through our ‘systemic’ approach, team members also focus on the various systems in which they operate. Most team coaching focuses exclusively on the team’s internal ways of working and relationships; Systemic Team Coaching looks more broadly at the influences outside the team, not just within it.
Who’s it for?
This team coaching training programme is for experienced coaches and OD consultants who already have some team coaching or facilitation experience and who want to deepen their practice. Typically, participants include experienced organisational consultants, executive coaches, business/team leaders and training managers.

See Peter Hawkins explain "What makes the AoEC and Renewal Associates Systemic Team Coaching programmes effective"