“A really solid, well-designed programme which went through self-discovery and more teaching around the principles and application of the Hawkins’ Five Disciplines. The pace was good throughout and there was plenty of opportunity to practice and reflect.”
As Peter Hawkins is presenting less in person programs, this is a rare opportunity to learn with him Face to Face.
We are sure the program is going to be hugely popular and as always oversubscribed.
It is recommended to book early and secure your place, whilst also taking advantage of the 10% Early Bird Discount* if booked before 31st October 2023 and paid within 7 days of the invoice date.

Program Description

Systemic Team Coaching ® drives powerful change at individual, team and organisational levels. This 3-day experiential programme explores how to coach teams to consider both their internal dynamics and external stakeholders, working with the connections and influences within and outside the team.
Examining both internal and external aspects, the programme provides a valuable way of supporting
teams to improve their productivity and performance and therefore realising their full potential. 
Completion of  the Systemic Team Coaching ® Certificate is required for entry to the year long Systemic Team Coaching® Diploma

Target Audience

This programme is suitable to those who have experience in facilitation, coaching and developing teams or who have worked in organisational development. People on previous courses have included:
-  Managers or team/group leaders
-  Human resource, training and talent development professionals
-  Organisational consultants
-  Chief executive officers, business owners and employers
-  In-house and independent executive coaching professionals
“I would strongly recommend this high-quality, intensive programme. The focus on the ‘systemic’ part of systemic team coaching was the real revelation and across three days we covered a lot of ground.”

What you will learn

The core concepts of Systemic Team Coaching ® – this certificate level programme introduces you to the key skills involved in the Systemic Team Coaching process. You will gain an understanding of the Hawkins’ Five Disciplines model and its application to team coaching.
How to structure team coaching projects using Systemic Team Coaching ® – the hands-on practise will enable you to work with live experiments so that you explore the nature of team and group functioning and how to apply some of these in practice.

The importance of ‘Self as Instrument’ in the Systemic Team Coaching ® role
– physical senses, intuition, body as data collector and sense-maker.

How to use and apply the Team Connect 360 diagnostic tool in client work
– you will be licensed to use the tool and gain experience of interpreting a TC360 report.

Structure of the full Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate Program

1/2 day - 'Introduction to Systemic Team Coaching®' via Zoom with Professor Peter Hawkins
3 day - In person Systemic Team Coaching® Program
For full Systemic Team Coaching® Certification participants need to also complete the group supervision/action learning sessions
Group supervision/action learning sessions
Fee: GBP £400   EUR €460   USD $515
4 x 2-hour sessions, 6-8 per group


Develop a team coaching practice using a systemic approach to manage and motivate teams in a period of change and uncertainty. Gain practical knowledge and skills that can be applied to realworld situations. Increase your professional development with the Academy of Executive Coaching Certificate and ICF CPD credits.


Completing the full program grants the Systemic Team Coaching® Certification, which offers 19 ICF CPD credits
3 for Resource Development
16 for Core Competency
This certification program was quite honestly one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve ever had. The ability for Peter to take you out of your comfort zone, challenge your current mental models, and broaden your perspective to new ways of thinking in just 3 days is quite fascinating. It is also something that cannot easily be replicated. You have to truly be immersed in the program with him to fully understand the entire scope of systemic team coaching. I have been studying Peter’s work for several years and I still walked away with a completely new understanding of what it takes to be a successful systemic team coach. Of course, having the program on the beautiful island of Barbados was a huge plus as well.
Team Connect 360 (TC360) Diagnostic instrument
AoEC in partnership with Peter Hawkins has taken his 20 years of extensive research and development in high-performing teams and created an online team diagnostic instrument Team Connect 360 (TC360) based on his 5 Disciplines model.
On the program, you will experience the instrument and learn how it can be used.  On successfully completing the program you will become a licensed user and so have the option of using the instrument with your professional clients.


EARLY BIRD (10% Discount)
GBP £1,950     USD $2,500     EUR
until  31st October 2023

GBP £2,165      USD $2,775 
    EUR €2,491

Price is excluding Group Supervision/Action Learning & VAT
Program fee includes
1/2 day virtual 'Introduction to Systemic Team Coaching®'
3-day In person Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate Program
Refreshments and materials
Program fee does not include accommodation or group supervision sessions
*The 10% early bird discount will be applied on bookings made before the date advised and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer
All fees must be paid in full within  7 days of the invoice date to qualify for any discount and to secure your place
Prices are excluding VAT.  exchange rates 24/7/23 and 24/10/23


Program Lead
Professor Peter Hawkins

Local Organiser/Program Assistant
Steliana Economu



7 December 2023
14:00-17.00 GMT    09:00-12.00 CZT

Introduction to Systemic Team Coaching® by Professor Peter Hawkins
(Half-day - virtual)


22, 23 and 24 January 2024
09:00-17.30 CZT
at Hyatt Centric, 9595 Six Pines, Suite 1100, The Woodlands, TX 77380

(In-person - 3 days)


7 March 2024 | 9 May 2024 | 11 July 2024 | 12 September 2024
10:00-12.00 CST

Commence approximately 1 month after the end of the program for 6 months.

Group Supervision/ Action Learning consists of 6-8 per group**
(4 x 2-hour group sessions)

*Attendance of the four sessions is required for those seeking full certification and an additional fee £400 / €460 / US$515 per person

Professor Peter Hawkins
Peter Hawkins, Chairman of Renewal Associates, co-founder of the Global Team Coaching Institute,  Emeritus Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, and Senior Visiting Fellow, at Civil Service College (Singapore), is a leading consultant, coach, writer, and researcher in organizational strategy, leadership, culture change, team and board development, and coaching. He has worked with many leading organizations all over the world including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, and America coaching Executive Teams and Boards and facilitating major change and organizational transformation projects. He has coached over 100 boards and senior executive teams, enabling them to develop their purpose, vision, values, collective leadership, and strategy for the future, in a wide range of international, large, and small commercial companies, government departments, NHS Trusts, professional services organizations, and charities.
Peter is an international thought leader in Systemic Coaching, Executive Teams, and Board Development, President of both the Association of Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (; and the Academy of Executive Coaching ( and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Windsor Leadership Trust. He has been a keynote speaker at many international conferences on learning organization, leadership, and executive coaching and teaches and leads masterclasses in over 50 different countries around the world.
He is the author of many best-selling books and papers in the fields of Leadership, Board and Team Coaching, Systemic Coaching, Supervision and Organizational Transformation (including Leadership Team Coaching, Kogan Page; 2011 (4th edition, 2021); Leadership Team Coaching in Practice (3rd edition 2022, Systemic Coaching (with Eve Turner (Routledge 2020); Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy: Supervision, Skills and Development (with Nick Smith), McGraw-Hill/Open University Press, (2nd ed, 2013); Creating a Coaching Culture, McGraw Hill, 2012; and The Wise Fool’s Guide to Leadership, O Books, 2005; Supervision in the Helping Professions (5th edition 2020 with Aisling McMahon) McGraw Hill and Integrative Psychotherapy (2020 with Judy Ryde) Jessica Kingsley.
Steliana van de Rijt-Economu
Steliana van de Rijt-Economu(ICF PCC. ACTC certified) is an executive team coach with over 20 years of experience helping people and teams unlock their leadership potential.
Her professional background encompasses HR, organizational development, and leadership coaching and training for executives (E/VP, GM level) at Fortune 500 companies such as Shell, Vodafone, and Nike. With an academic foundation in Finance and Project Management, coupled with extensive practical experience in organizational and behavioral change and leader development, she excels in tackling complex challenges and seizing multifaceted opportunities within global matrix organizations.
She received the Global Women International Network award for her contribution to feminine leadership through her book: Mothers as Leaders

See Peter Hawkins explain "What makes the AoEC and Renewal Associates Systemic Team Coaching® programmes effective"