Videos INOC, Wisbech 2016

Tomorrow's World - Today's Challenges

INOC Dialogues 2016
Bernd Schmid interviews Prof. Peter Hawkins

Part 1
Today's Challenges and Necessary Learning

Part 2
Systemic Thinking and Systemic Being

Part 3
Vision and Leadership

Part 4
Coaching Culture and Organizational Development

Part 5
Multi Stakeholder Approach

Part 6
Critical Stakeholders and Transparency

Part 7
Confrontation in Leadership-team Coaching

Part 8
Leadership Development

Part 9
Co-evolutuion-attitude of Being

Part 10
'Romantic' Challenges for Professional Learning

Part 11
Learning Communities

Part 12
Churches and Prophets

Part 13
Spiritual Exercise   (
also Gianfranco Goeta)

Part 14

Part 15
Hologracy and Hierarachy

Part 16
Leadership - a poison?