Book: The Wise Fool’s Guide to Leadership

The Wise Fool’s Guide to Leadership:
Short Spiritual Stories for Organisational and Personal Transformation


Nasrudin is the archetypal wise fool, who lived in the Middle East over 600 years ago, his stories have travelled the world and been updated in every generation. Peter Hawkins has given a modern spin to 84 of these stories by turning Nasrudin into a management consultant. Simple truths are told in a straightforward and highly entertaining way. They shock us into seeing situations and ideas with which we have become familiar from a different perspective. Each story slips into our house by its engaging good humour, but once inside it can start to rearrange the furniture and knock new windows through the walls of our mind - a process that can be releasing and refreshing, but at times disconcerting! The book also provides an introduction to Nasrudin and his stories, and a chapter on "Telling Tales; the positive use of stories in organisations."


I have long enjoyed the Nasrudin stories for their simplicity and power (and shortness!). What the author has done here is to update the stories for the world of modern leadership, grouped them together, and then provided a short but insightful introduction for each grouping. Buy this book because you want to be able to use them as an effective way of communicating simple truths to others or just for the sheer enjoyment of reading these delightful stories!
Dr M Munro-Turner

Peter Hawkins

EAN: 9781903816967
Edition: 1
Published: 21 April 2005
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