Book: Supervision in the Helping Professions 5th edition

Supervision in the Helping Professions 5th edition
Supervision In Context Series

This globally bestselling book provides a comprehensive guide to clinical supervision practice for helping professions from various disciplines.  As there has been a strong growth in research on supervision practice over the last 10 years, this new edition has been thoroughly updated to include insights from contemporary research and literature, providing supervisors with an accessible and well-informed grounding for their work

Highlights of this new edition include: -

  • Deeper consideration of the challenges of working as helping professionals in current times
  • Updated guidance for supervisors and supervisees on best practice and making the most of supervision
  • An updated chapter on the Seven-eyed model
  • A revised chapter on running supervisor training programmes, including guidance for training supervisors in using the Seven-eyed model
  • A new chapter on development of supervision across professions, including invited contributions from practitioners from 11 different disciplines
  • A new chapter offering a comprehensive review of research on supervision, focusing on application to practice


"A practical and empowering guide. The integration of old and new material from therapeutic, systemic, and organisational thinking provides a distinctive and deep foundation for an exceptionally broad account of the key tasks and major methods of supervision."
—Derek Leslie Milne, Fellow of The British Psychological Society, UK


“An excellent book that provides timely and important information – highly recommended for supervisors across all helping professions.”
—Tony Rousmaniere, Clinical Faculty, University of Washington, USA


“No bookshelf on supervision or coaching is complete without this core book, which is insightful, challenging and bang up-to-date. With new, important material, a wise book just got wiser.”
—Eve Turner, Chair, Association of Professional Executive Coaching Supervision (APECS)

Peter Hawkins, Aisling McMahon

ISBN-13: 9780335248346
ISBN-10: 0335248349
Edition: 5th
Published: 9 Jun 2020
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