Book: Leadership Team Coaching 3rd edition

Leadership Team Coaching 3rd edition
Developing Collective Transformational Leadership


Organizations are most effective when the teams responsible for their success function to the best of their ability. When the relationships within the team work well and all members have a clear focus, the team is able to achieve goals more easily. Leadership Team Coaching is a roadmap for those who have the responsibility of developing a leadership team. It provides a thorough explanation of the key elements of team coaching and is filled with practical tools and techniques to facilitate optimum performance across virtual teams, international teams, executive boards and other teams.

The fully updated 3rd edition of Leadership Team Coaching brings together the latest research in leadership teams and team coaching along with numerous examples to illustrate how to develop people from disparate groups into a high-performing team. With new international case studies throughout as well as a new chapter on systemic coaching, the book covers the five disciplines of team performance, how to select team members, how the relationship of the coach and the team develops through stages, how CEOs can foster effective teams with shared leadership, how to choose the best team coach and more to facilitate effective leadership teams.


A practical and inspiring book! Suggest anyone working the Leadership Teams today could benefit from this book.
Especially great insights for coaches in this relatively new field with lots of empirical data to support the work.

Benita Stafford-Smith

Peter Hawkins takes the work and approaches to team coaching to the next level of "simplexity" as he would coin it. I particularly appreciated this latest edition of his work, that includes applications of his CID-CLEAR methodology, and the five disciplines of team coaching (or the five "C"s), to boards, virtual teams, and other types of teams. The charts and diagrams are also useful to help recall all the steps, and to help explain to organizational clients the process so as a team coach we can help clients differentiate this more systemic approach to team coaching from all the other varieties out there. If you are a team coach, or a leader of teams and want to lead in a more coaching, systemic way, this is a valuable resource.



edited by: Peter Hawkins

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Edition: 3
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