Book: Creating a Coaching Culture

Creating a Coaching Culture

Developing a Coaching Strategy for Your Organization 


Creating a Coaching Culture will help coaches and coaching companies to be more effective in the market place, by using an approach that works to create a coaching culture and integrates coaching well into organisationsition


I must confess my heart does not generally lift when I see the phrase 'coaching culture'. I wonder often if it is simply a slightly obscure way of referring to a humane organisation, one in which relationships between people are seen - rightly, in my view, -as key to success.
But Peter's book engaged me. He writes with wisdom and clarity about this often jargon-ridden topic, and I don't think anyone else has approached his ability to capture what a coaching culture is about and point us in the direction of achieving one.
As is typical of Peter, he also writes with generosity; he actually describes methods and approaches which can be applied direct from the page. I know, because I often use them. He has so much knowledge and is so creative that he is clearly more than happy to give away as much of his accumulated expertise as he can. I sometimes wonder if his one fear is that he might have to stop communicating professionally before he has given everything he has away!
Alison Hardingham


I'm the VP of Coach Supervision at AceUp, a company that provides scalable coaching throughout large organizations. This book has become a sort of bible for us and our coaches as we work with corporations to create outstanding performance. Coaching Culture has become a bit of buzz concept. This book makes it real. Peter Hawkins shares from his extraordinary experience and research exactly how to do coaching culture right. Super helpful.
James A . Lopata, AceUp

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Published: 01 Apr 2012
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