Book: Systemic Coaching Endorsements

Systemic Coaching Endorsements:
Delivering Value Beyond the Individual


The book offers a blueprint for the next stage in the evolution of coaching.

David Drake, CEO Moment Institute


This is a must read.  Every coach should have a copy on their bookshelf with dog ears and margin notes.

Marc Kahn, Global Head of HR & OD, Investec Plc


It is time to question everything we thought we knew about coaching.... Peter and Eve capture this challenge admirably.

Professor David Clutterbuck, David Clutterbuck Partnership, UK


This is truly a book for our age.

Clive Mann


This book is exactly what coaching and more to the point, what our world needs right now.

Michael Cavanagh, Deputy Director, Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney


... an essential read for any practitioner or leader coach, looking to find greater meaning in their work.

Katherine Tupla, Group CEO, Chair a& Co-founder Association for Coaching


A tour de force!

Tony Worgan, Head of BBC Coaching and Mentoring


...takes coaching to a whole new level.... I highly recommend this to coaches, mentors, supervisors and leaders.

Dr Marshall Goldsmith


This is a riveting read and a landmark publication that should be in every coach's library.

Hetty Enzig, author of The Future of Coaching


A profound and essential read for anyone who is engaged in and with the field of coaching.... brilliant!

Claire Davey, Former Head of Coaching & Leadership Development Deloitte UK


All coaches who want to be 'future-fit' need to read it.

Dr Paul Lawrence, Centre for Coaching in Organisations, Sydney, Australia


This book will challenge your thinking and transform your practice.

Dr Colleen Harding, Head of Organisational Development, Bournemouth University


Systemic Coaching is a must read for all coaches in training as well as for experienced, mentors, coaches and coach supervisors who are committed to use system thinking in their work and be prepared to meet the future needs of our societies.

Dr Damian Goldvarg, MCC, CSP, ESIA. President, International Coach Federation Global Past President (2013-2014), USA


tour de force of Systemic Coaching .  It's great to see that the authors have included a chapter on Eco-systemic coaching.

Professor Stephen Palmer, University of Wales


The central challenge of coaching ..... at last, we have a clear-sighted view of where the answers lie to...

Margaret Heffernan, CEO and author, Wilful Blindness, UK


How fortunate we are to benefit from Peter's wisdom on systemic coaching.

Karen Wu, CEO, Co-wisdom Coaching Centre, China


Warmly recommended.

Erik de Haan, Director of Ashridge Centre for Coaching


A must read for all coaches and leaders.

Deana Peng


It is a powerfully informative and empowering book!

Paul Lim, Phoenix Leadership Consulting, Singapore


This is a seminal book setting the ground for the next stage of coaching and coach training for future generations of coaches.

John Leory-Joyce, Founder & Chair AoEC


This is a radical, comprehensive, wide-ranging and pioneering investigation of individual and team systemic coaching .

Sunny Stout-Rostron, Faculty, University of Stellenbosch School of Business, Cape Town, South Africa

Peter Hawkins and Eve Turner

EAN: 9781138322493
Edition: 1
Published: 18 December 2019
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