The Renewal Award

The Renewal Foundation is the philanthropic outreach wing of Renewal Associates which is dedicated to creating beneficial positive change in the world, particularly in Human Consciousness change necessary for future generations to face the great challenges of our times.

Among other projects the foundation:

  1. Provides short scholarships for those completing books, papers and research in the areas of Human Consciousness change and Ecology, to have up to six weeks supported retreat at Barrow Castle, near Bath in the UK.
  2. Twinning UK woodlands with South American endangered rainforest, so UK children can do an embodied walk-through local woodland and a 360 video walk through Tropical Rainforest and Ecuadorian schoolchildren can do the opposite.
  3. Supporting Climate Coaching Alliance and research on Climate Coaching.

The Foundation is now sponsoring a series of awards for the best MBA Challenge project each year which is linked to how teams and organizations can make a positive difference in addressing the climate and ecological crisis.

The Business School involved would:

  1. Advertise each year the information about this prize.
  2. Manage the submissions.
  3. Shortlist the best 3-5, which would be submitted to the Renewal Foundation. (These would be judged by a panel drawn from the Renewal Associates Fellows.)  The projects submitted have to show an impact of at least £25,000 to qualify for submission.
  4. Organise a short award ceremony.
  5. The winner would receive the equivalent of £2,500 award and a year’s free mentoring in order to take their project to the next level of impact. 

The first Business School to sign-up is Henley Africa (the number one rated MBA program in Africa with between 250-300 MBA students a year drawn from all over Africa.)

Renewal Foundation is willing to offer this to other Universities connected with Professor Peter Hawkins including Henley Business School UK and University of Bath School of Management.


Professor Peter Hawkins July 2021