Scholars in Residence

The Renewal Foundation was set up in 2015 as the charitable outreach of Renewal Associates, utilising the knowledge, network, people and finances of Renewal Associates to make a positive difference in the world.

Renewal Foundation Strategic Focus

To make a small but significant contribution to the evolution of human consciousness, that is necessary to face a world that we have ourselves created – a world that has many major interconnect challenges that can only be addressed by new levels of collaboration across differences and new human awareness, mind sets and ways of being.

We see the major callenges of our time on this earth as:

The Renewal Foundation recognises that many people are making important contributions to how we shift human consciousness to address these inter-related issues and we wish to support and connect these contributions.

Scholars in Residence

We are therefore offering the opportunity for those who are writing important books, research reports, papers, articles in this area, to apply for a period of being a “Scholar in Residence” at Barrow Castle, Bath, UK.

This provides:

  • Rent free self-contained accommodation in an Idyllic peaceful location, with country walks straight from the house.
  • Fresh locally grown food provided and one meal a day cooked for you.
  • Access to a large library and high-speed Wi-Fi connection
  • Some personal mentoring and support on the writing
  • Help in getting the work to a wider audience.

In return the scholar provides:

  • A copy of what they publish while working here.
  • A video podcast interview for publication on the Renewal Foundation site.
  • Support and encouragement for future scholars coming to work here.
  • Permission for the Renewal Foundation to publish their work.

All applications will be judged on their potential to create impact in the wider world, grounded on quality scholarship and rigorous inquiry and exploration.  They will be assessed by one of the Renewal Directors and one of the Foundation Fellows.

To apply please complete the application below and return using the email

Scholars in residence application

Professor Peter Hawkins
Chairman of Renewal Associates
& Renewal Foundation