Our current fellows are: Marc Khan, Hetty Einzig and Giles Hutchins who’s bios are below.

Renewal Foundation Fellows

Fellows help to ensure that programmes develop in line with current thinking on leadership, and stay at the cutting edge of leadership development, by providing advice and speaking during key note sessions.

To ensure our programmes continue to develop in line with current thinking on leadership, and stay at the cutting edge of leadership development, we have a group of Fellows who provide invaluable input and advice on the programme content and speak on our programmes.

Individuals are invited to be Fellows who are aligned with the purpose and values of the foundation, and who can bring a wide range of relevant experience, thought leadership and wisdom to maximize the impact the foundation can have.

The responsibilities of a Fellow

Fellows plan to meet either virtually or face to face once or twice a year to:

  1. Hear and give feedback and suggestions on progress on Renewal Foundation projects
  2. Make suggestions on how these can have a greater effectiveness and impact.
  3. Propose new activities.

Fellows will also provide guidance and support by one of more of the following:

  1. Being the second evaluator on applications to be Renewal Scholars
  2. Being part of a panel to judge the winner from a short list, for the prize for the best ecological action project for Henley Africa MBAs
  3. Advising on specific projects

Dr Marc Kahn is a people, organisation and strategy leader, teacher and author based in London.

As a systems and chaos theory protagonist he maintains that living systems must be approached very differently from the industrial machine metaphor used in organisations today.


Hetty is a Coach, Author, Editor and Director specialising in coaching and leadership, women leaders and transpersonal coaching


Giles Hutchins is a pioneering practitioner and senior adviser at the forefront of the [r]evolution in organisational and leadership consciousness and developmental approaches that enhance personal, organizational and systemic agility and vitality.

Giles is author and co-author of several leadership and organizational development papers, and the books The Nature of Business (2012), The Illusion of Separation (2014), Future Fit (2016) and Regenerative Leadership (2019).