The Renewal Foundation was set up in 2015 as the charitable outreach of Renewal Associates, utilising the knowledge, network, people and finances of Renewal Associates to make a positive difference in the world.

Renewal Foundation Mission

To make a small but significant contribution to the evolution of human consciousness, that is necessary to face a world that we have ourselves created – a world that has become one global niche which is volatile, unpredictable , complex and ambiguous.

Strategic Focus

The Renewal Foundation will pursue its mission by:

  1. Sponsoring a Collaborative Inquiry into the Evolution of Human Consciousness, led by Giles Hutchins and Peter Hawkins exploring how the separate fields of Sustainability, Spirituality and individual, team and organisational transformation can best co-contribute to this evolution.  This work started with a gathering of 19 international thought leaders and pioneers in December 2015 to address these issues.  A draft report is currently being compiled and circulated to this group and a wider circle of thought leaders and pioneers for comment and contribution.  A second group of younger pioneers in the fields of social media and communications are gathering in April 2015 to respond to the draft findings and to explore how various media can accelerate the speed of Human Evolution.  Later in 2016 a report will be published.
  2. Contributing to the Henley Business School Research on “Tomorrow’s Leadership and the necessary revolution in today’s Leadership development.”  This research involves interviewing CEOs, HR Directors and Future Leaders from 50 leading companies around the world.
  3. Distributing papers, books and videos on the key areas of Systemic thinking, Ecology and Future Leadership.
  4. Continuing to support Trauma Foundation South-West in its important work with Refugees who have been traumatised by war, torture and conflict.


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