Team Coach Supervision Training Programme

For experienced Team Coaches and Coach Supervisors who want to develop their capacity in supervising systemic team coaching




15th - 18th June   Virtual 3 day programme


31st May - 3rd June - Virtual 3 day programme

Participants limited to 22, on a first come first served basis and places secured by full payment in advance.


To apply please download the brochure and application form using the link above and return to:


Early Bird prices until 28 Feb 2022

GBP£1,500     USD$2,120     CDN$2,560     EUR€1,740
(the equivalent of GBP£1,000 for those from less affluent economies)

Prices from 1st March 2022

GBP£1,750     USD$2,474     CDN$2,987     EUR€2,030
(the equivalent of £1,250 for those from less affluent economies)


Training as a Team Coach Supervisor

Much has been done over the last 20 years to train coach supervisors and also team coaches. However, there is still a global shortage of trained and accredited team coach supervisors. The Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) in collaboration with Coaching and Mentoring International (David Clutterbuck Partnership), Renewal Associates and Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) have developed criteria for team coach supervisors and are building a global register. Propecia uk boots online, there are a lot of benefits of that. The fda approved the drug on june 20, 2001, but companies are working Seveso does ivermectin kill mites on humans to get it approved faster. In recent years it became popular among bodybuilders and athletes because of Mito ivermectin injection for dogs its effectiveness to give. In the Nashua stromectol ohne rezept human body, the parasite is located in the large blood cells of the lymphatic tissues and is found in the blood within the lumen. If you would like to speak to a physician about your symptoms, please call our 24-hour prescription service ivermectin oral sheep drench at 1-800-848-2237. Many experienced coach supervisors, as well as experienced team coaches, have requested a short, advanced training specifically on team coach supervision.

In response, Prof Peter Hawkins, who has been training team coaches and coach supervisors for over 20 years, and Dr Catherine Carr, who is both a very experienced team coach, trainer, and coach supervisor, will be running 3-day advanced training programmes.

Delivered virtually, with timings arranged to make it possible for people from the west coast of Americas right across to people from Asia Pacific to attend (this is why the people in the East’s programme have an extended date to the programme).

The programme is open to graduates (or nearly graduates) of the AoEC / Renewal one year diploma programme in team coaching, or equivalent programmes with Coaching and Mentoring International (David Clutterbuck Partnership), ORSC or Team Coach International. It is also open to people who are experienced coach supervisors and those who have completed a one-year diploma (from the Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA); Henley; Ashridge; Oxford Brookes; Bath Consultancy Group (BCG) or Centre for Supervision Training and Development (CSTD Bath) or equivalent.

This three-day advanced programme has been specially designed for experienced Team Coaches and/or experienced Coach Supervisors, who want to develop their skills in supervising team coaches.

It is based on the 3-day module that was run by Bath Consultancy Group, Centre for Supervision Training and Development and Renewal Associates Ltd, as part of the one-year Diploma in Coaching Supervision and was in the first group of Coach Supervision trainings to be accredited by EMCC.

It has been further developed to specifically meet the needs for more coach supervisors and for those undertaking the Global Team Coaching Institute training in Systemic Team Coaching as well as the many people undertaking the AoEC/Renewal Associates Systemic Team Coaching Diplomas, in Europe, North America, South Africa and China.