Leadership Team Coaching: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership

Peter Hawkins, Kogan Page, 2 edition, March 2014

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A comprehensive guide to developing high performing teams with the practical coaching tools and techniques that will facilitate optimum performance. It takes a systemic, transformational approach which fully integrates the needs of the organization and the wider world.

Organizations are most effective when the teams responsible for the organization's success are performing to their maximum potential. If the relationships within a team work well, and all team members have a clear focus, this has a significant positive impact on achieving goals and delivering results.

Leadership Team Coaching takes an integrated, systemic approach which provides a thorough understanding of the role and importance of the team to organizational objectives, offering the practical tools and techniques essential to facilitate optimum team performance through transformational leadership. Peter Hawkins draws on the latest research to give a practical roadmap for developing people from disparate groups into a high performing team that can transform your business. This second edition includes new chapters on how to select the players for a high performing team, and on how CEOs can develop effective teams with shared leadership, as well as new international case studies.


Peter Hawkins’ book on team coaching is an excellent tool for professional team coaches and leaders alike. As a team coach I particularly enjoy the way the author combines solid methodology and models with a wealth of concrete examples from organisational life, and specific exercises and tools. I find myself returning to the book for inspiration and specific advice regularly. In addition, I have referred several senior leaders I coach to specific chapters in the book (e.g. chapter 3 on high performing teams, and chapter 10 specifically written for CEOs on how to develop high performing teams). As a team coach, this is the most comprehensive, convincing and helpful book I have come across on the topic – I can fully recommend it.
Karin Sode, Sode International


I recommend Peter Hawkins' book to anyone who is committed to assisting teams to take the journey to becoming high performing.
From his vast experience with teams and in an easy-to-read-and-understand-language Peter Hawkins guides you through how to actually take the steps, whether you are a consultant, team coach or team leader. I have found a lot of practical inspiration and tools that I have used. Generous, Brilliant, Wise is how I would describe the contents.
Tine Gaihede


It was recommended to me by a professional colleague, and it's a cracker! Finding it very thought-provoking in evolving my practice to coach for collective as opposed to individual leadership capacity. It is quite unusual to find a book that makes me think hard and that is easy to read on the train.
Wendy Pascoe-McGregor

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