GTCI – Senior Practitioner in Team Coaching

The world's first Systemic Team Coaching® Global Senior Practitioner Program

Develop your range and agility in Systemic Team Coaching® thinking, doing and being in order to deepen and strengthen your capacity to engage with systems.

Do this in a way that enables change, challenge and transformation at individual, team, team of teams, organizational and ecosystem levels.

Senior Practitioner in Team Coaching
Level 3

Certification Program 2023-2024

Full price USD $6,995
Save USD $1,000 if you apply by 1st March 2023

Places will be capped at 240
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Application process:

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Introducing Team Coaching Senior Practitioner Level 3
by the Global Team Coaching Institute

Organizations need systemic team coaches to partner with them in creating the transformation they need to face the great challenges of today and to meet the needs of tomorrow's world.

GTCI is the first live-online educational hub dedicated to team coaching. Its where the world's foremost team coaching experts come to teach, where coaches come to become the best and where organizations come to find the best in team leadership.

The program draws on 30+ years of team-specific research around the world, the experience of team coaching experts, and comes with a substantial toolkit. It supports your transformational shift in your thinking, doing and being so you can coach the transformational shift within the team, the team of teams, the organization and the wider ecosystem. You will learn how to coach the transformation shift in the room, and between the team and their stakeholders. You will experience complex organizational challenges through live sessions with international CEOs and how to create compelling ways to partner in meeting these challenges. You will explore how to design and lead on team of teams engagements and how to flex to the needs of different types of teams. You will develop your muscle in seeing and acting systemically including how to integrate team coaching culture across an enterprise.

The aim of this course is to enable you to blend the best of organizational transformation, individual coaching, team coaching, and environmental consciousness to partner at multiple levels within and between organizations in creating the transformation they need.

Program Structure

The program will consist of 12 modules run over a 12 month period commencing April 2023

Each module will comprise of:
1 x 90 minute Webinar
1 x 3 hour Practicum including Group Supervision
1 x 60 minute Core training and Q&A Session
5 hours Program Reading
12 hours (approx.) of Practice

Reflective assignment will be submitted at the end of the program

You'll receive Certifications and CCEU's from:

  • Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI)
  • EMCC Global Senior Practitioner Team Coaching Accreditation (optional)
  • ICF CCEU's (to be finalized)

Led by Prof. Peter Hawkins with guest presenter
  • Understanding what the world
    needs in terms of a shift in human
  • How Systemic Team Coaching®
    contributes to what the world needs
  • Understanding the shift from a
    redesigning action lodge to a
    transforming action logic

Led by Colm Murphy and Dr. Catherine Carr
with guest
  • Seeing the team's story including
    the traps and cul-de-sacs
  • How to shift the frame through
    spatial, temporal and holographic
    holding capacities
  • How to dance with resistance

Led by Prof. Peter Hawkins and Dr Catherine Carr
with guest
  • Understanding that "being" change
    happens here and now, inside out
  • Using self as instrument of change to
    be the change the team needs
  • Using Sentic states to shift yourself to
    shift the room

Led by Colm Murphy with guest presenter
  • Making the systemic pattern
    seeable and feeable
  • Seeing the team as part of an
    organizational pattern and dynamic

Led by Inge Simons with guest presenter
  • Understanding that partnership is not
    created by partners
  • Exploring who does the partnership
  • How to contract, prepare and
    orchestrate live-partnering, and turn
    it into actions

Led by Prof. Peter Hawkins with guest presenter
  • Understanding the organizational
  • Guest CEOs conceptualizing the
    transitions their organizations have
    gone through and how STC supported
    that transition
  • Understanding the CEO challenge
    for your learning group to respond to

Led by Inge Simons with guest presenter
  • How to support a team in developing
    next levels of teams
  • The architecture of a "team of
    teams" event
  • The methodology for live "team of
    teams" events

Led by Prof. Peter Hawkins with guest presenter
  • How to partner, engage and co-create
    with a potential client
  • How to introduce "team of  teams"
    perspectives into your dialogue

Led by Colm Murphy and Dr. Catherine Carr
with guest
  • How to team coach project teams
    using STC with agile principles
  • How to do Board Reviews and move to
    Board Development
  • Managing the challenges of family
  • Working with culture and other diversity in teams

Led by Inge Simons with guest presenter
  • How to grow the capacity of the team
    and team leader to increase the team's
    ability to develop themselves right through
    the team coaching journey
  • How to structure review
    meetings with team leader and HR
    leader to grow their capacity as
    team coaches
  • Embedding learning habits, methods
    and rituals in the team that will sustain
    beyond their learning

Led by Colm Murphy and Dr. Catherine Carr
with guest
  • Key elements of team culture
  • How to develop internal resources to
    coach own teams
  • Using technology to create a teaming

Led by Colm Murphy and Dr. Catherine Carr
with guest
  • Charting the shift in my thinking,
    doing and being
  • Understanding how I have
    extended my range and impact of
    my work
  • The shift from redefining to
  • Extending the ripple of our work
  • Continuing to sift human