Transformational Coaching

Three Day Transformational Coaching Course


Bath, 9-11 December

Bath, 8-10 December




£960 (excl VAT) - The cost of the three-day course, including meals and e-materials

There is an early bird discount of 10% for those who sign up and pay in full before 31 August.

The course is limited to 15 participants, on a first come first served basis. A place can be secured by full payment in advance.

Please register interest or book your place by email with Julie Jeffery

or contact Nick Smith if you wish to get more information.

Download a pdf Information sheet and application form here


Nick Smith and Peter Hawkins will be running the popular three-day Transformational Coaching courses at Barrow Castle.

It is offered for those who are experienced coaches, and who would like to look in depth at their practice, supporting those wanting to create significant change in their lives and organisations.
The course is based upon 50% input of ideas about how to create such transformational change and 50% practice of these ideas in coaching trios and other experiential learning. The content will cover:

  • The foundations of Transformational Coaching
  • The importance and process of un-learning
  • Ways of using our ‘four brains’ as action logics
  • Understanding habit: how to establish it and how to create new habits
  • Exploring the Four Levels of Engagement at a deep level
  • Creating a transformational use of CLEAR model
  • Exploring the power and purpose of somatic coaching
  • Deepening our understanding of the Sentic States

As participants are experienced, this course will provide an unusual opportunity for high level CPD for your professional coaching practice. It will include new material from Nick Smith’s research for the book he is writing on the subject.

Four Levels of Engagement - Nick Smith (mp4)

Transformational Coaching within a New Coaching Paradigm Peter Hawkins (mp4)

Using the CLEAR Model Transformationally Peter Hawkins (mp4)

The Key Elements of Transformational Coaching Peter Hawkins (mp4)