Transforming Organisations

Renewal Associates provides Organisational Development, Systemic Team Coaching and Individual Coaching and Supervision to leading organisations in many parts of the world. The organisations include FTSE 100 companies, Government departments, Health Services, Universities and International Charities.

Organisational Development

We specialise in helping Organisations effectively manage change and organisational transformation. This includes linking strategic change to culture change and leadership development.

Systemic Team Coaching

Peter Hawkins is the international thought leader who has pioneered the development of systemic team coaching over the last twenty years, carrying out research, publishing major books in the field and running trainings for Systemic Team Coaches in many parts of the world.

We work with:

  • Boards in the private, public and NGO sectors, carrying out Board reviews and Board development programmes.
  • Executive Teams providing team analysis, including collecting feedback from the team’s stakeholders and team members; co-creating a team development plan; team coaching workshops as well as live coaching at teams’ internal and external meetings; and team re-evaluation one year on.
  • Senior Leaders: training them in how they can coach their own teams to become more effective and impactful.
  • Global Account Teams:  coaching international multi-disciplinary teams that are working with complex global clients.

Individual Coaching

For senior executives who are undertaking personal or organisational transition, those who have key roles in Organisational development or leaders of teams that are being coached. We have provided coaching for Chief Executives, Heads of Government Departments, Vice Chancellors of Universities, Board Chairmen, and people in other key roles.

Supervision and Mentoring

We provide supervision for coaches, team coaches and consultants in many different countries as well as mentoring for those who lead and manage coaching and consultancy businesses.