1. Humour in Psychoanalysis and coaching supervision

Ingela Camba-Ludlow, Routledge, London

An academic perspective on humour, yet one that helps us appreciate the role of laughter and the mechanisms behind it. With a forward by Peter

2. Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching: A Companion Guide to Evolving Coaching Practice

Edited by Alison Whybrow, Eve Turner, Josie McClean & Peter Hawkins (2022), Routledge

brings together contributions from over 6- Coaches, thought leaders and poets from around the world into a an engaging and experiential six-day workshop

3. Climate Change Coaching

by Charly Cox and Sarah Flynn, McGraw-Hill, London.

Skilfully avoids polemics and is intensely practical.

4. Build Better Teams: Creating Winning Teams for the Digital Age

By George Karseras, (2022): Mango Publishing Company.

A practical guide for team leaders on how to help their team, “Get Set, Get Safe and Get Strong”.

5. Coaching people through organizational change

by Sue Noble and Amy Tarrant, Kogan Page, London.

Neatly practical guide to a situation that is increasingly the norm rather than an exception!


1.  Corruptible: who gets power and how it changes us

by Brian Klaas, John Murray Publishers (2021). 


2.  Mastering executive transitions

by David Nazemian, New Degree Press.  

Multiple insights into what makes executives mobile and useful analysis of different kinds of executive transition.

3.  Humanizing Human Capital

by Solange Charas and Stela Lupusher, Matt Holt Publishers.

One of the most original thinkers on top team dynamics, Solange, together with her colleague, turn the spotlight on evidenced and unevidenced practice.

4.  Evaluating the impact of Leadership Coaching

by Mark Jamieson and Tony Wall. McGraw-Hill, London.

Tackles one of the big challenges of executive coaching – how do we show it adds value?

5.  Developing leaders for real

by Harry Gray, Anne Gimson and Ian Cunningham. Emerald, Bingleynd Tony Wall. McGraw-Hill, London.

A much-needed dissection of what’s wrong with leadership development and what to do about it.

6.  Everyone included

by Harry Gray, Anne Gimson and Ian Cunningham. Emerald, Bingleynd Tony Wall. McGraw-Hill, London.

A much-needed dissection of what’s wrong with leadership development and what to do about it.

7.  Overloaded: How every aspect of your life is influenced by your brain chemicals

by Ginny Smith.

A detailed review of what happens in the brain for everything from memory and learning to depression and sleep deprivation. Everything turns out to be much more complex than it seemed!


1.  Net positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving more than they take

By Paul Polman (the ex and very successful CEO of Unilever) and Andrew Winston, (2021).

This well researched and practical book shows how large companies can thrive by focussing on creating value for all their stakeholders including the wider environment.  A must read for all CEOs, Consultants and Coaches.

2.  A Beautiful way to Coach

by Fiona Parashar (2022)

Fiona shares her many years of Coaching people on one day coaching intensives, where senior executives can stand back and repurpose their lives and develop new vision, and how she uses coaching walking in nature.


3.  Deep Adaptation: Navigating the realities of Climate Chaos

edited by Jem Bendell and Rupert Read. 2021 Polity Press. 

We can not avoid Climate Chaos, but we can mitigate the affects and learn the capacity to adapt to the emerging challenges.


4.  The Matter with Things: Our brains, Our Delusions and the Unmaking of the World

by Ian McGilChrist, Perspective Press 2022.

Is a great two volume work of scholarship connecting Neuropsychology, Epistemology and Met-Physics, showing how our ways of being and thinking are at the root of the current world crisis. Brilliant but not for the fainthearted!


5.  Positive Psychology Coaching in the Workplace

edited by Wendy Anne Smith, Ilona Boniwell and Suzy Green (2021) Springer.

A large rich collection on positive psychology coaching from well-being and resilience to systems and leadership and to developing meaning and wisdom.

6.  Coaching Women: Changing the System not the Person

By Geraldine Gallacher 2022 Open University Press.

Brings a Systemic view on the Gender dynamics in organizations and how to attend to them.


7.  Long Petal of the Sea

by Isabella Allende

is the best novel I read this year- a beautiful story that starts with the Spanish Republicans being driven out of Barcelona in 1937 by Franco and escaping across the Pyrenes to France and then Chile, finding love in adversity.


And, of course, there are the books we ourselves have been involved in.  We both brought out new books on Team Coaching Case studies from around the world.

1.  The Team Coaching Case Book

by David Clutterbuck, Tammy Turner and Colm Murphy.

Aimed to present a diversity of different approaches and philosophies in practice.

2.  Leadership Team Coaching in Practice 3rd edition

Edited by Peter Hawkins, Kogan Page.

With many new case examples of Systemic Team Coaching© from a wide variety of sectors and different countries around the world.


3.  Coaching and Mentoring: A Journey Through the Models, Theories, Frameworks and Narratives of David Clutterbuck

By David Clutterbuck, Routledge

David’s retrospective examination of 45 years of evolution in coaching, mentoring and leadership and is due to be published December 29.