Leading by Nature – Giles Hutchins

Leading by Nature by Giles Hutchins

Foreword – Peter Hawkins

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Giles since his first book The Nature of Business was published in 2012.  I remember so well reading it with excitement and resonance, so pleased to see a fellow author addressing the big questions of our time.  Questions such as:

  • How can organizations function the way nature operates?
  • How can we learn through biomimicry, not just ways of making our products more natural, but also the whole way we organize and collaborate as humans?

Here was a truly radical thinker and writer, taking us back to our roots in the ‘more-than-human’ world of the earth we live, not on, but from.  Again, in his latest and now fifth book Giles is both inspirational and radical.  Inspirational in showing what leaders and organizations need to do to be future fit for what the planet now requires, and radical in the true sense of taking us back to the roots of life.

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