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Few organizations are prepared for the transition from the “heroic CEO” model to the cohesive team approach needed to succeed in an increasingly VUCA world. The future is here. What can you do NOW to help businesses prepare for what lies ahead?

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 Coaching and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presented by Eve Turner and Peter Hawkins THURSDAY 26th March 2020 17.00-19.00

We thought it would be helpful and timely to offer a forum to discuss the impact of Covid-19.

Professor Peter Hawkins

Renewal Associates Director and Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, University of Reading UK

Professor Peter Hawkins is a business leader, consultant and coach, who is an acknowledged thought leader in the fields of Leadership, Leadership Development, Board and Leadership Team Development, Systemic Team Coaching, Coaching and Coaching Supervision. He has taught and consulted in over 50 countries and is a regular key note speaker at international conferences. He is widely published and many of his books, papers and articles are available via the website.

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"This book is truly a tour de force and must read for all of us!" Pam McLean PhD CEO Hudson Institute of Coaching, USA

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