"let the wider ecology do the coaching"

29th June - 1st July 
7th - 9th September

We all need time-out, to return to the source of our work and well-being

To be an effective coach or team coach requires us to be a life-long learner and requires us to take time-out of our busy schedules,  take-stock of what has been our new learnings and what are the new challenges that life is presenting to us.  A time when we can return to the well-spring of resourcefulness that is within us, and in the community of other experienced practitioners, and also in the wider ecology of nature.

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JUST PUBLISHED 3rd edition

A high-performing and cohesive leadership team is essential for organizational success

 Leadership Team Coaching in Practice 3rd edition  provides an overview of the tools and techniques for coaching leadership teams and shows how these approaches have been applied around the world in a variety of team types and industries.



Featuring expert contributions from chief executives, team coaches, team leaders and consultants in organizations including Comair and the UK National Health Service (NHS), this practical guide illustrates best practice tailored to the needs of each organization.  The new and updated third edition of Leadership Team Coaching in Practice incorporates the latest research and thinking in the field, including new material on developing the personal core capacities for systemic team coaching.

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Professor David Clutterbuck, Co-Dean of the Global Team Coaching Institute
Systemic, Team and Coaching - three powerful concepts. The case studies and other chapters in this book show how you can put them together to enable leaders and their teams to meet the challenges of an evolving world with confidence and integrity!"

This is an excerpt from Module 9/Session 1 of the Accredited Certificate in Integrative Coaching by The School of Positive Transformation


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Leadership Team Coaching 3rd ed
LTC in Practice 2nd ed
Creating a Coaching Culture
Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy

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